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Sun, Apr. 9th, 2006, 03:25 pm
kateaw: Pot Luck

There will be a Pot Luck at gythanorth's on Saturday 29 April from 12 noon until 6 pm. All welcome.

Sun, Apr. 9th, 2006 02:45 pm (UTC)

Hi Kate, of course count me in (this might be a moment to say, "Duh." No brainer). One question: in garb or no?

Sun, Apr. 9th, 2006 02:52 pm (UTC)

Glad you want to come, the date is no accident ;-)

Don't know about garb, it would be fun. I'll take mine and change there if others are up for it.

I draw the line at toddler garb and wool/linen nappies though!

Sun, Apr. 9th, 2006 03:49 pm (UTC)

Okay, shall bring an outfit (mostly because I just don't feel right not bringing medieval stuff for some reason) and we'll see how it goes. Have an awesome time at Eastercon and see you the week after that perhaps - I know you are both busy with parents, but you never know. Might be able to squeeze in something.